Thunder Mountain

An act inspired by my favourite ride at Disneyland


"Heart Black as Night"

A classic style routine with gown, glove and boa set to sultry modern jazz music


Bollywood Burlesque

A high energy act inspired by my love of Bollywood film, ripe with dance moves that fuse Bhangra and Burlesque Basics

"She Wants to Move"

An act that blends everything Jessabelle Thunder is-high energy, sassy, sexy, flirtatious, fun and involves tons of booty shakin'.

This act is very dear to me because it was the first act I ever created and then later competed at BHOF with.


A classic fan dance performed to a modern sultry sexy tune

photo by Jennifer Peltz

"Human Nature/ Play"

A fetish inspired chair dance


Nerdlesque Act as Storm from X-Men


"Death Star"

Nerdlesque Act as an Imperial Officer on the Death Star



Nerdlesque Act as Cyberwoman (inspired by both Doctor Who and Torchwood)


"Black Sweat"

A classic burlesque/cabaret act performed to a Prince song


"Life of the Party"

An act inspired by 1970s Soul Train, ripe with 70s dance moves


"Miniskirt Blues"

An act inspired by The Cramps


"Purple Haze"

An act inspired by the great Jimi Hendrix

"A Jig in the Jungle"

A classic act, performed to classic music, with a not so classic feathered costume (psst! there's a surprise at the end). Inspired by Dorothy Dandridge

"My December"

A winter holiday act performed to a Linkin Park song (believe it or not)